Huntington Beach Facials

If you want a fantastic face/body treatment with quality products without spending a fortune then you’ve come to the right place. We’re not a day spa, I keep my prices lower by renting a room in a salon to keep my costs down and give it back to you with a superb treatment.

Facials are intended to exfoliate, increase blood supply, reduce sensitivity and detoxify the skin. We’re forever looking for the miracle juice, food, water, vitamin to detox the inside of our bodies, but what about the outside! The only way to decongest pores and remove dull graying dead skin cells is through professional products and face/body treatments. Each facial is designed for the specific needs of the client on that day and individualized for your specific skin type whether it be dry, oily, sensitive, acne prone or a combination of all the above.

Full Facial (60 min) $80
Includes exfoliation, extraction of impurities, massage of face, neck, chest and hands, two masks with ultrasound for deeper penetration.

Mini Retinol Treatment (35 min) $45
Includes exfoliation of face, neck and chest, retinol serum, light massage with retinol mask and ultrasound for deeper penetration. For best results retinol mask should be left on for a few hours after treatment.

Back Facial (50 min) $70
Perfect for those who have acne, super dry skin and those who cannot reach their back. Includes exfoliation, extraction, light massage and deep moisturizing.

Chemical Peels

Chemical or Bio Peel $300
The seven day peel. Moderate peeling action to exfoliate the epidermis, softening fine lines, smoothing rough texture, lightening pigmentation, clear acne and remove unwanted scars. Full facial included after seventh day.

Mild Exfoliation (25 minutes): $35
Thorough cleansing, then application of glycolic or lactic acid to lightly resurface epidermis and moisturizing.

Exfoliation Series (6 weekly treatments): $175
Save $35. One glycolic or lactic acid treatment a week for six weeks. Buy five get sixth one free.